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Vtech Amplified Cordless Extension Ringer (SN7014) for SN5127 or SN5147 Series Phones

Vtech Amplified Cordless Extension Ringer (SN7014)

Features :

  • Accessory device only—requires an SN5127 or SN5147 to operate
  • Super-loud extension ringer
    This extension ringer is designed to increase the ring volume of your amplified phone or doorbell*, or to be heard in rooms where there isn’t a handset. Carry it with you, or rely on the extra-loud, up to 90-decibel sound to alert you when you’re across the house. (*Feature requires SN7021 to operate.)
  • Flashing LED visual alert
    A light on the cordless remote ringer flashes so you know if a call is coming in or someone is at your door, even if you can’t hear the system ring. This feature is ideal for the hearing-impaired.
  • Wall-mountable
  • Includes AC power adapter
  • Adjustable siren volume



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