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Norstar CICS Compact ICS 0x16 KSU with s/w 6.1+(Refurbished)

Nortel Norstar CICS Compact ICS with S/W 6.1+ (Build Your Own)

The Norstar CICS Compact ICS w/ R6.1 Software is a build-your-own device that is configured for four lines and 16 digital stations. These lines and stations are also upgradable and capable for Caller ID.


  • Expandable to 8 lines and 24 stations ports (16×24 with ISDN-BRI)
  • Provides two universal slots for expansion cartridges
  • Built-in Auto Attendant
  • Internal Analog Terminal Adapter (I-ATA) provides one connection for either modem,
    fax machine, or analog telephone
  • Customizable Integrated Applications


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