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Plantronics B825-M Voyager Focus UC Bluetooth Headset with USB (202652-102)

The Voyager Focus headset features voice alerts that announce caller ID, connection status, and talk time, while a dynamic mute alert warns you if you try to talk while the headset is muted. With built-in smart sensors, the headset can detect when you take it off and automatically mute your call or pause your music. Optimized for use with Microsoft unified communications apps, this version of the Voyager Focus includes a magnetic charging stand and a USB Type-A Bluetooth adapter with a mute status indicator.

Hearing Protection

The Voyager Focus headset boasts SoundGuard Digital technology that helps protect against sound levels above 118 dBA, while an anti-startle feature is designed to detect and eliminate any sudden increase in signal level during calls. Time-Weighted Average prevents average daily noise exposure from exceeding 85 dBA. Additional lower level hearing protection against acoustic startle is provided by the downloadable Plantronics Hub software, limiting peak levels to 102 dBA. The acoustic protection monitors and controls all audio sources from mobile and PC in telecom modes.

Unified Communications Support

Certified for Skype for Business and optimized for Microsoft Lync.

Dual Connectivity

This headset supports a connection memory of up to 8 devices, and can connect to 2 devices simultaneously. This allows you to chat online on a laptop with the included Bluetooth USB adapter, and then quickly take a mobile call on your Bluetooth-compatible smartphone.

Adaptive Controls

Wear the headset any way you like and the controls will be where you expect them. The controls for pause/play, track forward/back, and volume adjust to how the headset is oriented.

Active Noise Cancellation

Precision tuned triple-mics with enhanced DSP allow for background noise cancellation, while on-demand active noise cancellation lets you focus on your call or work.

Worry-Free Mute

Control your conversations with intuitive mute capabilities and built-in smart sensors. Easily mute/unmute with the touch of a button, or simply by taking the headset off and putting it back on. Music pauses automatically when a call comes in. Know whether you’re on mute by glancing at the screen (while using the Plantronics Hub software) or checking the USB adapter. If you try to talk while your mic is muted, the Dynamic Mute Alert will give you an audible reminder.

Audio Quality

Stereo design with A2DP provides hi-fi stereo sound (20 Hz – 20 kHz) and an immersive audio experience. The headset also offers wideband audio performance up to 6800 Hz.

Comfort and Durability

The Voyager Focus features leatherette ear cushions wrapped around soft memory foam, while the cushioned metal headband provides durability while maintaining a comfortable, secure fit. Folding ear cushions and the included carrying case let you take the headset on the go.

Online Indicator Lights

The online indicator lights on the ear pads let others know when you are on a call.

OpenMic Feature

The OpenMic button allows you to hear your surroundings when you need to without having to take the headset off.

Class 1 Bluetooth with Adaptive Power

Roam up to 98′, and the headset will switch between Class 1 and Class 2 Bluetooth based on its proximity to the Bluetooth mini-USB adapter in order to preserve battery life.

Talk/Listen Time

Up to 12 hours of talk time (or up to 10 hours with active noise cancellation enabled).
Up to 15 hours of listening time (or up to 12 hours with active noise cancellation enabled).

Calling and Media Controls

Controls found on the Voyager Focus include call answer/ignore/end/redial, mute, volume up or down, Bluetooth pairing, active noise-cancelling modes, OpenMic, smartphone VPA (virtual personal assistant) access, and power on/off.

Customize Your Experience

Choose the settings to customize your headset with Plantronics Hub app for iPhone, Android, Windows, and Mac. Check remaining talk time and select your language preference, feature settings, and call and mute notifications. Keep your device up to date with Plantronics Hub over-the-air firmware updates.

Seamless IT Management

Voyager Focus UC is supported by Plantronics Manager Pro, a software utility that is sold separately. Use Plantronics Manager Pro to manage headset inventory, monitor usage, and maintain devices. With actionable insights from Plantronics Manager Pro, IT can improve business processes, employee performance, and compliance.


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